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Live Agent Training

Build stronger, more competent teams in field exercises using live chemical agents, biological materials, radiological materials and improvised explosive devices. Gain confidence, knowledge and experience not possible with the use of simulants alone. >>

On Site Training

Create highly skilled employees through on-site theoretical and practical training using specially formulated simulants designed to respond to detectors. >>

Equipment Testing

Conduct operational testing of CBRN equipment with live chemical agents under field conditions. >>

Welcome to Hotzone Solutions

Welcome to Hotzone Solutions, the world's most practice oriented and realistic CBRNE training provider and consultant service.


Our mission is to provide live agent training with chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive materials, CBRN medical countermeasures training, CBRN consulting and live agent testing services for military organisations, emergency responders, law enforcement officers and physical security specialists world-wide.


Our training and recommendations to clients are based on extensive practical experience and they are, amongst others, in line with international standards.


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