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The world's most practice oriented provider of Hazardous Substances Management Solutions

Hotzone Solutions Group is an independent company with a first-class reputation for providing a wide range of training, equipment, security and consulting services to the chemical, biological, radiological/ nuclear and explosives (CBRNE) response and environmental protection community.


The corporate headquarters is based in the Netherlands and Hotzone Solutions Group maintains regional offices in Belgium, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates. The company was established in 2009 with unique field experience in CBRNE defence, international weapons inspection, emergency response, environmental protection and counter-terrorism; Hotzone Solutions Group offers a full-spectrum service.

“Ensure CBRNE Safety
and Security in the public and environmental sector”

Our mission is twofold: to enable first responders to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from the full spectrum of CBRNE threats and to provide CBRNE environmental protection and remediation solutions.


Our primary focus is to provide realistic, practical solutions wherever possible. All of our solutions are tailored and adapted to meet your needs and requirements; with your assistance we will develop what is needed.


Hotzone Solutions Group staff present a vast mixture of skills and experience, covering all elements of the CBRNE spectrum. Operational staff have worked within live agent environments for many years and have significant experience in understanding what Live Agent training brings to a responder. Each year, all training staff are re-certified as live agent instructors. This not only accounts for their working proficiency but also ensures that all safety standards are refreshed.

Olivier Mattmann

CEO Hotzone Solutions Group



Kevin Walker

Director, Business Support Services

Oliver Terzic

Research and Development Manager


Sales Manager

Boban Cekovic

Product Development Manager

Patrice Palanque


Liudmila Lebedinskaya

Special Projects Manager

Amos Brierley

Training Manager

Jindrich Dvorak

Senior Consultant

Ad Kocx


Mark Connell

EOD Specialist

Ljubisa Sutulovic

HZS Serbian Representative 

Carlos Soares

HZS Brazil Representative

Oskar Schmidt

Senior CBRN Consultant

Yaugen Ryzhykau

Senior Consultant

Milana Hoffman

Business Support Administrator

Fabrizio Malaspina

CBRN Instructor

Martien Broekhuijsen


Gary Walters

CBRN Training and Operations consultant

Linda Nisbet


Yves Dubucq

Managing Director ICI Belgium

Giuseppe Alfano

Equipment Store Specialist

Claudio Magno

General Manager

Ralf Himmel

Commercial Agent

João Magno

Commercial Agent

Marta Klement

Marketing & Branding Specialist

Ahmed Gamal

Business Manager - Middle East

Ali Almeqbali

General Director - Middle East

Mohamed Alnaqbi

Executive Director - Middle East





Prinsessegracht 6, 2514 AN, The Hague, The Netherlands


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