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Individual, collective and command level CBRNE training


All Hotzone Technologies products all come with user designated training.

This training may range from basic operator training through to fully specialised for integrated systems, such as the Deployable Analytical Laboratory. The ability to be able to match the training requirement with the operating system ensures that the end user is fully capable of utilising the system to its maximum potential. In combination with product-based training Hotzone Solutions offers a full and wide range of training solutions in all other areas of CBRNE and environmental response, from basic individual to incident command, including live agent. These training solutions are available via our training catalogue.


Individual - Awareness level


Individual - Advanced level


Collective - Response Team Member level


Collective - Response Team Leader level


Command level

Our company is also involved in

Academic Activities


HZS staff has experience in delivering training at all major live agent training centres and other relevant facilities Worldwide.

Hotzone Solutions Training Facility Belgium

Hotzone Solutions has its own training facility in Belgium which is located in Les Bons Villiers, to the north of the city of Charleroi, Belgium.  At this custom built facility we are able to conduct a number of the training courses listed in this catalogue. This facility also hosts the International CBRNE Institute (ICI), an International Non-Profit Organisation.


Hotzone Solutions Middle East Regional Office

Hotzone Solutions Regional Office located in the United Arab Emirates has approval from the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) to conduct registered training courses utilising actual radioactive sources to participants from the region in the UAE.  These courses offer for the first time actual live source training for emergency responders, police, fire, military, paramedical, medical and hospital personnel in the UAE.   These courses range from basic awareness training, to Radiation Protection Officer status, to Advanced Emergency Incident Command.


Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia

Located on the outskirts of Belgrade ‘Vinča’ is a governmental organisation that specialises in physics, chemistry, biology, power engineering and technology, radiation and environmental protection, accelerator science, and materials science. Through cooperation with Vinča Hotzone Solutions is able to conduct CBRNE training and testing with live agents, in both the outside and inside environment using purpose built facilities.


Vyškov, Czech Republic

Through a cooperative arrangement with the Military Research Institute (VVU), Hotzone Solutions instructors can deliver all courses using live Sarin (GB), VX, Sulphur Mustard (HD) and Lewisite (L), with site support provided by local personnel.  Located near Vyškov approximately 220 kilometres from Prague in the Czech Republic, VVU provides access to a world class Field Live Chemical Agent Testing and Training Facility (FLCATF) built on the international CBRN reputation of the Czech Republic.


SUJCHBO, Czech Republic

Through a cooperative arrangement with the National Institute for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Protection (Sújchbo v.v.i.), Hotzone Solutions instructors are able to offer modern lecture theatres and exercise facilities designed for the safe and effective use of live agents. Located near Příbram, approximately 60 kilometres from Prague, the Sújchbo is primarily involved in applied research and the development of practical tools for radiological protection and for protection against chemical and biological weapons.


Seibersdorf Laboratories GmbH, Austria

Through a cooperative arrangement with Seibersdorf Laboratories Hotzone Solutions is able to offer a wide range of training courses in the fields of radiation protection, laser and optical radiation, electromagnetic fields as well as civil defence and disaster control. Seibersdorf is located 35 kilometres southeast of Vienna and hosts the Seibersdorf Academy, Austria's largest radiation training facility.


Chernobyl Center, Ukraine

Hotzone Solutions provides realistic training in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone for first responders, military personnel, security services, and all those who might potentially work in hazardous and radioactively contaminated environments in partnership with the Chernobyl Centre. This zone, established in 1986 days after the accident in Reactor 4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant (ChNPP), with a radius of 30 kilometres, offers a wide variety of training, testing and research possibilities. The radionuclides that can be found in the exclusion zone are mainly Cs137 (Caesium 137) and Sr90 (Strontium 90).


Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant, Zwentendorf an der Donau, Austria

Through a cooperative arrangement with the Austrian energy company EVN Group, Hotzone Solutions is able to provide training for security and operational staff at the Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant.  This power plant was the first nuclear plant built in Austria, which was finished, but never operated. Construction of the plant began in April 1972, as a boiling-water reactor rated at 692 megawatts electric power output.


Our Consultants provide advice, technical support and management services.

This service includes

• vulnerability and capability assessments

• open-source threat assessments

• operational analysis

• procedure development and testing

• exercises design and coordination

• development of CBRN training curricula

• CBRN field support for missions of all kinds with specialised equipment.

HZS provides world-class consulting services and solutions in areas related to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards; explosives hazards and non-destructive evaluation of munitions, forensic investigation and the collection, handling and analysis of unknown samples.





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